Maritime education in Turkey

Maritime education in Turkey

The oldest and most established maritime trade education institution in Turkey is the Istanbul Technical University (ITU) Maritime Faculty, which was founded in 1773 as the Imperial School of Naval Engineering (Mühendishane-i Bahr-i Hümayun) during the Ottoman Empire.

The ITU Maritime Faculty is the first higher education institution in Turkey that provides education and research in the field of maritime studies. It has a long and prestigious history in maritime education and is recognized internationally for its quality of education and research in various maritime fields such as naval architecture, marine engineering, and maritime transportation.

Over the years, the ITU Maritime Faculty has produced a significant number of graduates who have made significant contributions to the maritime industry in Turkey and around the world. It continues to be a leading institution for maritime education in Turkey and attracts students from all over the country and the world.

There are several universities in Turkey that offer education on maritime-related fields such as naval architecture, marine engineering, marine transportation, and maritime law. Some of the universities in Turkey that provide education on maritime are:

  1. Istanbul Technical University (ITU) – Maritime Faculty
  2. Dokuz Eylul University (DEU) – Maritime Faculty
  3. Piri Reis University – Maritime Faculty
  4. Istanbul University – Faculty of Law, Maritime Law Department
  5. Koc University – College of Engineering, Naval Architecture and Marine Engineering Department
  6. Karadeniz Technical University – Maritime Faculty
  7. Yildiz Technical University – Naval Architecture and Marine Engineering Department
  8. Cukurova University – Maritime Faculty
  9. Gazi University – Maritime Faculty
  10. Canakkale Onsekiz Mart University – Maritime Faculty

Note that this list is not exhaustive, and there may be other universities or institutions that offer similar programs.


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